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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the same as regular citizenship. In both we have to be safe, courteous, respectful, honest and productive. To achieve this, I plan to make sure my students know how to be safe when surfing the Internet.
 First, I will make sure they know about cyber-bullying, how to stop it or avoid it and specially how not to be a cyber-bully. I will talk about the consequences of such acts. Personal safety is another issue I will address. I will teach them not to give personal information to anybody in cyberspace. The information they will need to be able to function will be my information. However, I will also teach them not to do it when they are alone at home. The third thing I will teach is to respect others work and not to steal anybody's properties. Of course in authoring that would be not to plagiarize. One of the sources I will try to use is Isafe. I will teach this by relating it to everyday life situations. Bullying is something that happens in our society. Therefore, I will teach them to recognize it and what to do about it. Second, personal safety is the same in everyday situations as well as in cyberspace. We do not give our personal information to anybody in the street, much less we have to do it via Internet. Here is not one but millions of strangers the ones who can view your information. Third, again I will relate stealing to everyday life situation. Nobody likes to have something stolen from them. In cyberspace is the same. Most of the material in it has an owner and to be able to use it we need to have some kind of permission or give the credit to the owner of the material. I plan to do the same with the parents and make sure they know they must monitor their kids when they are at home.

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