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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool # 11

Some of my personal tool I have in my personal technology toolbox are:

1. Skype
2. Google Docs
3. Edmodo
4.Drop Box
5. Flash Cards
6. Active Inspire
7. Blogger
8. Bookr
9. Storybird

One of the activities I am planning to do is have the students create blogs where they will do their projects. So, instead of using poster boards that will go on a wall, they can create books using storybird or Bkr and then post the links on the blog for anybody to see them.

Previously, I used to plan the projects using poster boards, trifold, manila paper, construction paper. There is nothing wrong with that. However, those methods can serve as a back up in case technology fails. My main resource for project will now be using technology. I will have to dedicate time at the beginning to teach students how to use some of these tools. I will have the students with more skills to teach or help the others with less skills. Then When time comes for the projects, they will apply their technology skills.

I had no surprises from this training. However, I did learn many things.


  1. Yay! You're done! I'm glad you learned something and I hope your kids enjoy using some of your new tools.

  2. OK! I am really going to want to see the kids in action! PS I still need help with tool # 3. I have got to get that embedding videos figured. Do you give tutorials?

  3. I already contacted two teachers, one in Argentina and one in Chile. They will be doing a video to teach us about their culture, geography and traditions they have. When the kids come to school we will be doing a video for them. We will be sharing it using Skype and Edmodo. Are you having trouble getting the dropbox? To do that just go to https://www.dropbox.com, download the program and follow the instructions they give you.

  4. So glad you recognize the need for a back-up plan as using technology does come with it challenges! SO HAPPY to hear about your Skype project. Please include me as you plan, develop and deliver it. I would love to see it in action in your classroom!

  5. I like your ideas on using technology for presentations but to also have a back up plan just in case.