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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tool # 7 Project

Content: Seasons of the year. Objective: Given a tool such as Skype, TSW see simultaneouly the different season in the Southern Hemisphere by communicating with a classroom in a South American country such as Chile or Argentina and seeing that while it is a season in the Northern Hemisphere it it a different season in the Southern Hemisphere. I plan to do this project the first semester of science. Tools to be used: Edmodo, Skype, Ipads, Activ Inspire and blogsster. The project includes: 1. the introduction of the seasons of the year. 2. communicating with a classroom in the Souther Hemisphere more or less with the same schedule as ours. 3. Have the students use the tecnology available such as Ipads, Activ Inspire and or bloggster to create a project that talks about the seasons, showing what they have learned and giving the opportunity to others to collaborate with their knowledge.



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  1. I will be anxious to hear about this! Sounds exciting. I think as you do more with tech things in your class, you will find a higher level of engagement and your kids will keep asking for more! Keep me posted!