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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tool # 8 (2 or 3 things I learned)

1. I learned that I can go to I toons to get safe apps for my classroom 2. I learned how to shut dow the I pad completely. 3. I learned I can get the apps and the push them into the students devices, but to do that, I have to synch my laptop to the Ipads I will have in my classroom. I plan to look for the apps, download them so the student can use them. I am also plannig to create pages of apps so I can put them in a later page. Tha apps that can be deleted I will by going into Settings - general - usage, clicking on the app when they appear and clicking on delete app.

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  1. I am so glad you mention about shouting down the I pad's completely. I want to place emphasis this year on making sure students understand the initial tasks of technology use (logging in, shutting down, research techniques, etc.).

    I think creating pages of apps will be useful to put on my blog and my wikipage for parents to access as well. Thanks.