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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool # 9

1. It is important to to tie technology to the objective because it is important to plan ahead, because the students must know ahead of time what they will do during the lesson.

 2.The students must be accountable for what they in the station/centers because the time they spend in stations must be a learning time and not wasted time.

3.The websites I liked the most are:
a. Tutpop
b. Studyladder.com

I can use these as stations by having the students go to them and have extra practice when they have not mastered the contenet completely or when they have mastered it. If they already have mastered it, they will know it better and probably learn something new from another student in another classroom. But if they have not mastered it, they can learn it from other students until they master it.

4. NASA app, online pictionary app and SAS flashcards are three good apps I have found for Ipad. the The SAS app will serve for the kids as a motivator to memorize the math facts, practice addition, subtraction, division etc. The Pictionary is an awesome app for our bilingual kids with lower levels of English. While some practice at certain level, they can be using the pictionary to learn new words. NASA app can serve to do science projects.

How can I make the students accontable for these stations? First I will give them a goal to achieve. I will teach them how to create screen shots of their work. They will take  the screen shots and post them in my blog so I can see if they have finished the work they were supposed to do. Another way to keep them accountable is by using website controls for teachers such as completed work or work in progress, depending on the website.

5. They can also use this device to create their own blogs and to communicate with peers to do work that they do not understand well. For that they would probably have to make contacts with other students who understand better. How will they know who understands better? In our blogs we can create a list where students can put their name and in what areas they are experts. That way other students can identify them and use their knowledge to understand better. Students can also create videos of themselves explainig the things they understand well so others can see their explanation instead of the teacher's explanation.

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